Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ron & Bill: Team Stewardess

Last one! Ron & Bill, from the state of California, are this year's token TAR gays. Both men are flight attendants which means not only do I get to call them Team Stewardess, but they'll know every trick in the book when it comes to navigating through airports.

Ron says he hates it when Bill uses "word inflation" while Bill is put off by Ron's moodiness. I have no idea what "word inflation" is, but if it's anything like how I'm laboriously utilizing a plethora of unnecessary language to inflate this sentence into something much more grandiose than it needs to be, then I think I like it. Flowery prose is my partner in crime. Just read the Bitchy Survivor Blog. Alright, let's check out our final video for the day:

No way in hell these guys are winning, but I like 'em. I like 'em a lot. I always do with the gays. I can't help it. And those shirts... come on! Not everyone with Dick Clark dyed hair can wear an aqua blue shirt trimmed in gray and pull it off.

Well, that's it. Kind of a dull cast if you ask me. I'll blog the show as long as it keeps my interest. The second I'm bored is the second I bail. I still haven't gotten over how horrible Big Brother 13 was this summer. That's a grudge I'll hold for life. So, it's your move Amazing Race. Impress me.


  1. I had a lot of difficulty getting excited over this cast. They're all so...vanilla.

    Thanks for the bio's Lala but I suspect it might indeed be a boring season, even with your recaps. I've stuck with TAR through hell and high water but I'm not feeling the love. Hopefully that will change.

    Don't fret if you have to stop blogging it due to extreme lack of inspiration. I promise not to call you a cunt...well, here anyway.

  2. CBS is setting the bar low. I'm willing to gamble that the racers will far exceed our expectations. How could they not?!? Here's to hoping there's plenty worth blogging about to last the whole season.