Saturday, September 24, 2011

Liz & Marie: Team Parent Trap

Liz & Marie Canavan are identical twins from Deerfield, Illinois and that makes this one a no brainer: Team Parent Trap. Liz lists her occupation as a marketing assistant while Marie lists hers as "soul searching". That's just a fancy way of saying she's unemployed.

OK this is pretty funny - Liz thinks she looks like Kate Hudson while her sister looks like Charlize Theron. You're twins, you freak! Either you both look like Kate Hudson or you both look like Charlize Theron. You can't have it both ways honey bunch. I can't wait to see this video:

They're not so bad. I might end up calling them Team Sweet Valley. I'll have to think about it. I'm just glad to finally see a team that isn't camera shy or awkward. Although, I hope telling them apart won't be a problem for me while blogging. I might just end up referring to both of them as LizMarie. That'll work.


  1. More people from Chicago? Is Jeff doing the casting now for CBS shows or what?

  2. LOVE the name Team Sweet Valley.

  3. It's Liznmarie, as in Liz and Marie, but when you say it fast it comes out as one word. And despite all grammatical rules it is singular- iE "Is Liznmarie coming?"

  4. I call each of them LizMarie. Read my recaps. It might make more sense there.