Saturday, September 24, 2011

Justin & Jennifer: Team Aniston

Before I even introduce these two, I know you're asking yourselves, "Team Aniston? Huh? But why Lala?" I'll tell you why. I googled "Justin & Jennifer" in an effort to find their official photo and apparently Jennifer Aniston is dating some douche named Justin. Long story short, my search produced a slew of Aniston photos and now they're stuck with that name until I can think of something more appropriate.

This "Justin & Jennifer" aren't romantically involved though. It turns out that the TAR Justin & Jennifer are brother and sister. He's a doctor and she's a Special Education Teacher. Justin is scared of venturing into dangerous locales while Jennifer is scared of being thrown into a foreign prison and stuck there to rot for the rest of her life a la Brokedown Palace. Me too! Between Brokedown Palace, Return To Paradise, and Locked Up Abroad my biggest fear in international travel is having some shady character stick a brick of coke in my bag and me being forced to sleep on a rattan mat in a roach infested cell on a diet of rice and brown water for the next 28 years. I totally get it Jennifer. Let's see how these two are in person:

Alright, now I know their video was insanely boring, but I think there's something there. Justin's cute and it's endearing how meekly he sits. I have a feeling Jennifer beat the shit out of him when they were younger. And don't kid yourselves, Jennifer is going to be a holy terror in panic mode. I'm not writing these two off yet. If I end up liking them, they'll definitely need a new team name. I can't stand that Aniston!

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  1. I didn't know you had an Amazing race blog too XD What about Team Danes? As in Claire Danes? Since she was in the movie. Even though people might not know who she is... Well, I suck at this. :o