Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ethan & Jenna: Team Sweetfart

Alright, here we go. Here they are. Throw your streamers and start your ticker tape parades. It's Ethan & Jenna, America's Sweethearts. As I am contractually obligated to dislike with great ferocity any team/players that CBS and the American public feel I should love, I'll tell you right now that I am anti Ethan & Jenna. I feel like their CBS ship should have already sailed. Yes, I know Ethan was sick, but I'd rather see some more current/relevant Survivors on the show instead of these two. I feel like they're too safe, too cookie cutter. I'd love to see an odd pairing like Spike (Marty) & Phillip or Shambo & Mascaroni (Andrea). I mean, come on! The humor, the drama, the fights... oh boy!

Since every other site and blog in the world will be calling these two Team Survivor, I will call them Team Sweetfart. Please to enjoy:

See how nice they are? Ugh!


  1. It should be interesting to see this pair together. I think Jenna will be bossy and won't like being told if she is wrong. We will see I guess.

  2. Lovely people I'm sure, but just like BB and Survivor, I want NEW people. STOP IT CBS!!!

  3. Since he has had cancer he realizes what is important in life. I think that is interesting because they have been dating for 7 she not important enough to marry finally?? She said he is her "spousal equivalent". Whatevs!