Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bill & Cathi: Team Chatty Pants

Now we meet the married team of Bill & Cathi from Oregon. Bill is a retired teacher turned farmer and Cathi teaches university courses online. Cathi's biggest pet peeve about Bill is that he's an angry driver which, for us, means a good time. Let's get Bill behind the wheel of a car in let's say Tokyo or Mumbai and see how he fares.

Please to enjoy:

First off Cathi is a liar liar pants on fire. Those two universities "close to her home" are VERY close as they're ONLINE and live inside her computer. It distinctly says in her profile that she teaches online courses. As far as Bill goes *smiles to self*, he looks like trouble to me. What's up with Mr. Grumpy Pants biting his lip in anger the whole time? You think Chatty Cathi wears the pants in that family? Um, let's call these two Team Chatty Pants. This name, as with all team names, is subject to change.


  1. this guy isn't mad he is fucking annoyed his wife was talking the WHOLE time and wouldn't let him say a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL, am I the only one who saw Bill's eyes die a little bit when Cindy said "we've been married 41 years"?

  3. if you look closely, his lip kind of looks whitish. That could be why he's biting it. Maybe he has herpes... or before they left their farm a horse kicked him in the mouth.

  4. Cathi's voice seriously irritates me. It's too high pitch when she's screaming at him.