Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amani & Marcus: Team Pretty Luther

First up is the married couple of Armani and Marcus Pollard from the great state of Georgia. Since I have exactly one day to post this entire miserable cast, I'm going to keep all of these bios extremely brief. I'll try to get them all team names, but I won't be delving into their backgrounds too much.

Amani thinks she's the love child of Raven Simone & Julia Roberts and that her husband, Marcus, is a cross between Idris Elba & Kobe Bryant. Combine these two outrageous comparisons together and I'm thinking we've got ourselves Team Pretty Luther. I also fully intend to misspell Amani as Armani for the run of the season. It's just easier that way.

To the video!

Is there an echo, echo, echo? They annoyingly repeating everything the other one says, but, for the most part, they're cute enough. Let's just hope Armani has a temper on her. I'm predicting an early exit for these two.

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  1. The couple in the picture is looking very good. This shows that they are really happy.