Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zev & Justin: Team Ass Burgers

And now we arrive at the only reason I'm back blogging this season of The Amazing Race - Team Ass Burgers. If Team Ass Burgers gets eliminated first, we may have a problem, but let's not think negatively. Let's not think of Justin and his penchant for enormous shorts where little things like teacup yorkies, crocheting projects and PASSPORTS like to hide. We'll focus on the positive. We'll focus on Zev and the suit he stole from Elton John that he's wearing in the publicity photo shown above. Seriously, is that not the best most scrumptious thing you've ever seen? Alright, video time...

*laughs with head in hands* Oh Zev... silk pajamas? Thank you. Gorgeous. Perfection.

Look, these guys are great, they're friends of the blog and if they don't make it to the Final Three I'll renounce writing forever and go back to living my life again like the happy sober person I was before I entered the evil and frightful world of blogging reality shows. But, in the meantime, I'll watch this annoying show and I'll dutifully report on it each week. I can't promise the blogs will be up in a timely manner though - Mondays can be difficult. BUT, I'll do it. I'll do it dammit. All of you who were pissed off over how I flaked last season better thank Justin. He was crying earlier on Twitter about how I don't like his show as much as I like Survivor (true!) and you know how I can't stand to see a grown man with Don Johnson facial hair cry.


  1. So glad the blog is being updated! I had a feeling when it was announced that Team Ass Burgers would be back you'd try blogging again!

    I'm all about Team Banshee. LOOOOVE Kynt & Vyxsin. They were my favorites on their original season and I'm pulling for them again!

  2. Thank you Justin..yet another reason why I think you are the greatest. Best of luck Team AB & to the bitchin'-est bitchy blogger there is. Can't wait to do TAR with you all!

  3. I'm glad I get to read another glitter and gin soaked set of blogs of TAR. It's sad though that my favorite blogger and my favorite reality show aren't BFFs- but I do appreciate your sacrifice Lala.

    I love your blog so much (and your nicknames!) I love the nicknames you give to the contestants so much that I would use them instead of the contestants names when talking about Survivor and TAR with my family. I would just get puzzled looks from my family whenever I would talk about Spike, Crazy Pants, or Life Coach Clamshell.

    Your hold on my subconscious is so large that even after you stopped blogging about TAR, I would myself yelling "Claire move your potato butt!" at my tv during later TAR 17 episodes when she and Brook would get close to elimination. I do want to let you know that though you suffered through TAR last season, you did enrich humanity by giving them 'Potato Claire'.

    Love you Lala and I hope TAR doesn't suck so much this year, so you can blog without too much pain.


  4. Can't wait to see your take on the episode and Go Team AssBurgers!!!!Loved that they wore Harlem Globetrotter shirts-too funny. Way to let the other teams know who you are aligned with, guys! Awesome. And I totally want to dive in that tank.

  5. I completely agree with you about the music. Just brilliant.

    From what I've read on Twitter, Justin and Zev appear to be friends with the Trotters, so I assumed that the Trotters had given them the shirts.