Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mel & Mike: Team Eminem

I loved Mel & Mike! I remember being devastated when they were eliminated. I hope Mel's been working out and taking his heart meds because I expect them to stick around and keep me entertained this season. Winning a foot race against Team Viper at some point would be ideal.

That team name in the title is temporary. Mel & Mike, M&M, Eminem... I'll come up with something better later.

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  1. Brett (my son) really liked these guys. All I could think of was Ned Schneebly , from school of Rock. Did you know Mike was in that..I'm sure you did. He was also in this other ..( kinda creepy offense Mike..I saw it long ago before we were fans from TAR) Chuck and Buck.. Anyhoo..go m & m. Enjoying meeting the teams through Lala/Glitter colored glasses. Doing great Lala.