Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jaime & Cara: Team Viper

Jaime and Cara are the most hateful, most ignorant, most disgusting, most rudest (I know that's grammatically incorrect, but double rude is what they are) pair of soul sucking vipers I've ever seen. I hate these two. It's a tangible hate. It's a hate I can see, a hate I can touch, a hate I can smell and a hate I can feel. They are the singular reason why Americans are reviled by other countries. Cab drivers have committed suicide because of them. I firmly believe that. I almost don't even want to watch the video because of how crazy these two make me, but - alas - I suffer for my art. *clutches crucifix*

Well, it's nice to see the one on the left has developed an eating disorder. That's the silver lining for having to endure them for another season I guess.


  1. Jaime&Cara is not that bad. They were rude to locals, but tv shown only their bad sides/moments.

  2. If you actually watch closely, Cara is actually really nice, Jaime is the only one who is rude to the locals

  3. I am watching The Amazing Race backwards and am currently watching season 14, episode 7. I can feel your hatred towards these two, especially Jaime. I have never seen a couple as mean, rude, aggressive and downright awful in all amazing race seasons 14-29. I literally want to crawl into the screen and shake this red monster into some sense and common decency. Absolutely horrible and I hope their car drives into a ravine.