Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team Gleek: Connor & Jonathan

Next up is the smarty pants singing duo that is Connor & Jonathan. They go to Princeton and sing in an a cappella group. I'm picturing that this is every single Thanksgiving they've had for the past 4 years:

On paper these two are pretty funny and it's definitely worth the time to cruise on over to to take a look at their online bios, but, in person, I'm a little disappointed. They're strange and awkward talking about anagrams and nestling with each other. Had they sung their video interview I would have loved them for life, but the sentimental friend route just isn't doing it for me. I fear there's a distinct possibility these two could go home early because their thin spindly frames won't be able to carry a wheel of cheese or something.

I'm not counting these two out just yet though. I'm hoping they'll delight me with impromptu dance numbers and rockin' harmonies. The Amazing Race: The Musical might be exactly what CBS needs to get that Emmy back.

Please to enjoy: