Monday, October 18, 2010

No Blog This Week

I've been sitting here for hours trying to write this thing and it just sucks. Rather than give you something that's horrible and that I'll regret later, I'm passing on this week. I'm not in the mood to force something that doesn't work. I really hate this show and it's making me angry to the point where inspiration just isn't coming. I refuse to waste any more of my day on this.

My apologies. I know I suck. I'll flog myself later.

I'll just leave it to you guys to write about in the comments. The floor is yours.


  1. Why do the negative idiots stay and the upbeat nerds leave?
    Well, CoLa, you almost got your Fisticuffs event but not so lucky. I suspect if she would have been mouthy, he would have gone off on her.
    Secondly, Nick the Dick telling the cab driver to drive to the Arctic Circle was, well should we say "Dumber than a 5th grader". I think that is what Dick called his girlfriend the day he sent her into an asthma attack.
    And lastly, Potato holding out her french fry arms when Brook grabbed the chunk of ice without any help. I guess hot potato = melted ice = no clue. That Brook, she's a smart one.
    And you don't suck. Not even close.

  2. Was sorry to see the singing duo eliminated. They were the only bright spot in this "stick a needle in my eye for excitement" season.

  3. Amen Ms. CoLa. I lift my Hendricks filled glass to you: this TAR is boring as hell and I'm frustrated that I have to keep on watching, just in case... Damn reality TV! Even when your review is a non-review, you still kick ass. Cheers and read you on Thursday for the Survivor bit.

  4. Can I get a paragraph about Captain Douche from team dumbass asking his taxi driver in Ghana to take him to the Arctic Circle?? Please? With cheeries AND whipped cream? No? Well awight.

    I'm never picking a team again. All the ones I pick IMMEDIATELY get bumped off after I pick them. Ooo wait! I'm team Dumb Ass! They'll be gone in a week.

    Hope you feel motivation next week!

  5. Back in Week 1, Team Bad Ass promised us that they were not stupid. These guys have given us a new insight into Forrest Gump's famous quote.

    The singing duo had the most classy exit I've ever seen from the show. I hope they have fun on the elimination station and lift the spirit of everyone there.

    I fondly hope you find a way to lift your spirits, Colette. At least this isn't "Undercover Boss".

  6. the two basketball (or is it volleyball? ) girls - I still can't tell them apart, I still can't recognize them. I don't think it's me though. I think it's the TAR casting people that pick up the teams that are just BLAH.

  7. Could not figure out why this page would not load yesterday. Should have guessed the crap they are airing has everyone and the Internet constipated. Try a dozen ExLax commercials and better luck with Survivor.

  8. The Elimination Station villa is on Isla Mujeres just off of Cancun.

    If Team Bad Ass gets eliminated, maybe they can vote Nick off of the island.

  9. I still come here, even though I know you are done. I miss it! I keep hoping that by some small miracle of pixie dust or gin intoxication you will start it back again. Will bribery work?

  10. miss your Amazing Race blogs, too!
    I will never be a fan of the Apprentice, but hope to still enjoy your take on Survivor.
    Also hoping that maybe next season of TAR will be better and you decide to return to blogging it.