Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team Gleek: Connor & Jonathan

Next up is the smarty pants singing duo that is Connor & Jonathan. They go to Princeton and sing in an a cappella group. I'm picturing that this is every single Thanksgiving they've had for the past 4 years:

On paper these two are pretty funny and it's definitely worth the time to cruise on over to to take a look at their online bios, but, in person, I'm a little disappointed. They're strange and awkward talking about anagrams and nestling with each other. Had they sung their video interview I would have loved them for life, but the sentimental friend route just isn't doing it for me. I fear there's a distinct possibility these two could go home early because their thin spindly frames won't be able to carry a wheel of cheese or something.

I'm not counting these two out just yet though. I'm hoping they'll delight me with impromptu dance numbers and rockin' harmonies. The Amazing Race: The Musical might be exactly what CBS needs to get that Emmy back.

Please to enjoy:


  1. I agree they look awkward and strange in person, but to me they are not much fun on paper either. Humor should be light and efortless, and they come across as trying way too hard to sound funny. And what's with making a big deal out of being Princeton students? As if being one automatically attests to superior intellect of something (for all we know, Princeton might've had a desperate need for a capella participants). I somehow doubt they'll be very entertaining on the race, but will be pleasantly surprised if proven wrong.

  2. CBS is discriminating against Australians...they won't let me view the YouTube content either :(

    The only thing I could find on YouTube was the CBS promo for the Season start with some snippets on every team...according to the Gleeks they'll be singing their way across the race and even singing at their cab you could fall in love yet La La.

    I've got a favourite team already but I'll wait until you post their Bio. Keep up the good work!

  3. I've got a preliminary-favorite team, too, but afraid LaLa might name it "Team Propofol" :)

  4. Diabolical, there discriminating against we Canadians as well.

  5. if they say "friends" ome more time... boring.. boring.. thses are they type of guys that are NEVER funny...

  6. we preformed abroad. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Cancun... hmmm, one of these things is not like the other