Thursday, September 2, 2010

Team Fisticuffs: Chad & Stephanie

Today we meet the boyfriend/girlfriend team that is Chad & Stephanie. Apparently, Chad stole Stephanie from her longtime boyfriend and now they're in the process of closing on their first house together. I could care less that Chad wants to be just like Matthew McConaughey when he grows up or that Stephanie strives to be a singer. What intrigues me about these two is the delicious promise of pure unadulterated violence. Apparently, Chad isn't as dorky as he looks. He likes to howl something fierce, punch things with his angry fists, and pepper the air with profanity. Listening to Stephanie talk about Chad's anger management issues makes me wonder if their current home remodeling project isn't just a cover for sealing all the holes in the walls put there by Chad's own hand.

Chad's biggest fear in life is getting arrested in a foreign country for something he didn't do. Ahhh another Locked Up Abroad fan! I love it. That's my fear too Chad. Whenever I'm in Nepal, it's most definitely a shady local who puts that opium up my hoo-ha and not me. Chad's worry for foreign law enforcement makes me wonder if he'll be overly cautious and walk the straight and narrow or like those vile intolerant redheads who hurled insults at every cabby who crossed their paths. My vote is leaning towards the redheads. Chad won't be able to keep his anger is check for very long and I'm thinking this team could very easily become one of the most hated.

Stephanie is sweet, but I kind of fear for her life. The looks Chad give her in their video are a teeny tiny bit too creepy for me. I think she should pack up her hairstyling tools and all of that compassion she has stored up and enter the Witness Protection Program. Run Stephanie run. I don't want to have to hear about you on the Evening News.

Check out their video for yourselves. Please to enjoy:

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  1. Who buys a house together during the honeymoon period??? To stepahnie.. run like flames are licking your ass..