Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Don't Abort Me: Andie & Jenna

It's that time of year again... the sweltering summer heat begins to float away, crunchy leaves litter my hiking paths making Copperheads all the more difficult to spot, and Phil and his giant pants are back for more. Yup, The Amazing Race is back bitches and I guess that means I have to blog it. Joy!

I've just created my official TAR17 folder and over the next several days I will offer up my extremely unfair and often incorrect critcisms of each and every team. I'll also workshop some team nicknames, but, like every season before, they are subject to change should the fancy strike me. As I am a fan of all things fancy, it may strike me often.

The first team we're going to meet is the mother/daughter duo of Andie & Jenna. They aren't your typical mother/daughter team though. These two only just met! I wonder if Troy Dunn had anything to do with it... but I digress.

Andie is a stay at mom going through a midlife crisis - her words not mine. She likes to run, hike, and say annoying pro-life things in her online bio. Andie is a strange robotic type of gal who doesn't have too many facial expressions, but I gotta admit the way these two got onto the show is actually very sweet. It turns out Andie googled Jenna and saw on her Twitter account that Jenna loved The Amazing Race and wanted to compete. I knew Twitter was great for making fun of people and spreading weird celebrity death rumors, but I had no idea it could bring families together. Score one for Twitter!

For some reason, these two think playing out their fidgety awkward "getting to know you" phase on National TV is a good idea. Bless their hearts because I'm more than happy to watch it all materialize. Jenna can't really get a word in edgewise, but when she does she calls her mom by her first name and I totally giggled. She's a sweet girl stuck in an unusual predicament and I can't help but sympathize with how truly awkward this must be for her. Jenna is an adventurous type who can't wait to travel the world and conquer her fears -- fear of being motherless. Zing! Their dynamic is a unique one for sure, but Jenna seems like a free spirit and extremely well-adjusted. The most I can hope for is Andie making awkward faces when Jenna talks about missing her "mom", her adopted mom.

Check out their video and help me figure out if Andie has had too much botox or is just insanely uncomfortable. Please to enjoy:


  1. I was adopted so this one both intrigues me and baffles the hell out of me.
    Let me get this straight .. Andie "just happens to see on Twitter" (aka she was Twitter stalking her to find a reason to talk to her) that Andie wants to go on The Amazing Race, so she contacts her saying something like, "Hey, I'm your biological mother and I'd love to go on The Amazing Race with you. We're a shoe in because CBS will jump at the chance to exploit our awkward relationship."
    I've always wanted to meet my biological mother but the last thing I'd want to do with her would be to go on a high pressure reality show. WTH?

  2. Has something changed? I can't see the video's just says the video isn't available for my geographic region. Are you hating on us Aussies?

  3. Hey Diabolical, how are things in Oz?

    I took the videos directly from the CBS website which might explain why they're not working for you. If they're up on YouTube and the quality is good, I'll go ahead and try one of those next time. I'll probably do a few more entries today - which is like next week in Australian time. ;-)

  4. Things in Oz are dandy, even if somewhat behind :( Not to worry, we fly out to Europe in two weeks so we should be moving forward in time...might bump into some of the Season 2 contestants :p

    Thanks for uploading something a little more Aussie friendly, hopefully it doesn't cause you too much pain and heartache...I guess I could just go and look for them myself!

  5. I know I'm late to this convo. But did anyone else think the "There has never been an awkward moment between us" comment was hilarious????
    Yes, there is nothing weird about receiving a tweet saying 'Hey there! I know you don't know me but I birthed you, gave you up for adoption and I also like TAR. Would you like to team up and apply?'
    AND, you have only had like three moments together EVER.....give it time - I predict a lot of awkwardness in your future.

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  7. That's not how it happened, Renee - they were in contact for two years before that Tweet. They had planned to meet, just hadn't set a place or time yet. They knew each other well enough to know they were compatible enough to do something like this. They also met privately with their families and spent a bunch of time in LA at the casting finals (sequestered in a hotel room together) before they ever went on the Race.