Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ron & Tony: Team Silent Thunder

Only one black team this year CBS? Really?

Anyhow, Ron & Tony are BFF's and I swear I've seen Ron somewhere before. He's a choreographer, has been on Broadway, and was even a dancer in the film Newsies. While googling him I discovered he's written a book about how to navigate show business. I think he's a life coach too. Way to be a jack of all trades Ronnie.

Tony, on the other hand, is getting his doctorate and actually admits to liking country music. Alright Tony, I'm going to let that slide because I kind of like you guys. They have great laughs, great personalities, and they kindly named themselves for me. I expect lots of fabulous one-liners and delicious metaphors from these two and I hope they go far.

Please to enjoy:

OK so that's it for me today. My Amazing Race recap will be up some time tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Ooo. They had me at "Newsies." I'm totally team Silent Thunder.

    You did it, girl!! No more bio vids!!

  2. like them, too! I bet they'll be fun, fun, fun all the way!

  3. I can see them getting stuck on a task because they start laughing their arses off...I am looking forward to lots of laughs from them so lets hope we keep them around for a long time ;)

  4. Love them and admire their great 22-year friendship. It looks like Ron, and possibly Tony?, were in the cast of Chicago: There's also a pic of Ron in Love Sweet Love which I found via Google.

    (Sandy from Twitter & FB)

  5. Aaaand of course because I picked them, they're the first to go. Poo.