Sunday, September 26, 2010

Michael & Kevin: Team Woo

Woo! Woohoo! Woot! Woot are you talking about Willis?

Meet the Wus. Papa Wu and Baby Wu. They're woonderful. Actually, I have no idea what the hell they're like. I just saw their name and went to town. Give me a sec to actually read their bios.

Turns out Baby Wu is somewhat of an internet sensation. He's like the Asian Shit My Dad Says and posts youtube videos where he makes fun of Papa Wu. The videos are slapstick and cute, but not exactly comedy milestones. Check one out for yourself:

Papa Wu is the real star here. He cracks my shit up because in his bio vid he says "Wideo" instead of "Video". Physically, the race might be a challenge for him as he looks a tad fragile and spindly like a Lo Mein noodle. If they make me laugh, I could really enjoy these two. Just one thing bugs me though - when did Shit My Dad Says start? Is this Kevin guy totally ripping that off or is it just a coincidence?

Please to enjoy the wideo:


  1. I am a sucker for accents, so hope that Papa Wu will be talking and talking and talking.
    Baby Woo is fine, too (though I don't care much for his YouTube videos).
    I find it strange though that Baby Woo is not even 21 (at least wasn't during the Race). I mean - would it be even legal for him to do a roadblock that, let's say, involves alcohol ?(and I remember in one of the past seasons they had to drink quite a bit of vodka in Russia. A dream roadblock, I must say!).
    Anyway, Team Wu-Hoo is in my 3 top teams (for now, anyway).

  2. Why do you call Kevin as "Baby Wu" ?

  3. shit my dad says is a brand new show. kevjumba's videos about his dad starting appearing on the internet way before the show ever started.

  4. The TV show is new, but the Twitter account it's based off of has been around for a while.

  5. Kevin posted his first YouTube video 3 years ago, and just really quickly looking through his YouTube account, the first video he posted that focused on his dad was posted 2 years ago. And according to Wikipedia, the shitmydadsays twitter was set up in August 2009. So I don't think Kevin's ripping off of shitmydadsays.

  6. Ok, you picked a bad KevJumba video. There are some pretty good ones ... Girls are Like M&M's and Asians aren't short come to mind.