Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gary & Mallory: Team Miss Depends

I know I've been slacking a bit here, but things are a little crazy right now. Anyhow, I swear I'll get all of these done before the premiere tomorrow night.

OK so today we meet the father/daughter team of Gary and Mallory. Gary is a successful entrepeneur and likes to do all sorts of manly things like hunt and fish. He's the oldest guy on the race and that makes him smile. The idea of taking his Centrum Silver somewhere in the mountains of Nepal or the thick rich jungles of Colombia makes him tinkle his Depends just a teeny tiny bit. It's sort of precious.

Mallory is one of those "pageant people" and is very proud to have been Miss Kentucky and sprayed hairspray on her butt and put vaseline on her teeth. Yes, everything I know from pageants I learned from Miss Congeniality. I'm sorry, but what's the deal with Miss America feeding it's rejects to the Amazing Race? I'd like to suggest that maybe next time around TAR pulls from the Bad Girls Club instead. Sex and drunken debauchery is what this show's missing. I'm thinking CBS could take the Emmy back with Tanisha at the helm pounding her pots and pans. "Pop off son!"

Alright, whatever, these people are kind of cookie cutter happy-to-be-alive-and-on-the-Amazing-Race which means they're kinda boring.

Please to enjoy:


  1. yes, really - what's the deal with the Amazing Race being fed by all kinds of second-hand goodies - from Miss America, Big Brother, Survivor?!!
    this is quite a boring team. quite a boring cast in general. But! you are back with your blogs, so I am sure the season will be fun!

  2. What are you talking about! They're the best team there! Such sweet personalities. How can you not root for them?