Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monique & Shawne: Team Legally Not Blonde

I think this is our third all female team, right? Let's hear it for the ladies!

OK so this is Monique and Shawne. They're the mom/attorney team. They're moms. They're attorneys. I have a feeling if I get into a pickle with Louie and Michael, I'll be on the horn to Monique and Shawn.

Both of these ladies are well traveled, intelligent, and super confident with good heads on their shoulders. Monique says Tina Turner is her hero and, seriously, who am I to make fun of that? Who wouldn't want to be Tina for a day? Rolling on a river.... doo doo do do do do do doo doo do do do do do do...

Shawne would trade places with Michelle Obama if she could and will pay off her law school debt if she won the money. She's uncomfortable with too much attention on herself and strives to raise kind and inspirational children.

No hate here. Not yet. I'm looking for some ladies to kick some major ass this season. Could Monique and Shawne be those ladies? We'll see.
All I ask is that they give Jordan a bunch of haterade and make fun of her behind her back. Lots of eye rolling ladies... the camera loves that.

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