Thursday, February 11, 2010

Louie & Michael: Team Not So Undercover

You got to love it when two undercover detectives decide to compete on a huge nationally televised show on a major network.

Pot smokers, Mr. O'Shaugnessy (my opium packing leprechaun), and crackheads hide your stashes because Louie and Michael are out to ruin everything you hold sacred. These boys from Rhode Island are Narcetty Narcs from Narcerville.

On paper they read a little bit like "men's men". They look up to the men in their family, look forward to raising strong men, and probably do all sorts of man things on the weekend like watch football and drink beer. They seem nice enough I guess. Nothing too annoying stands out thus far. Or maybe I'm just not too anxious to mess with men of the law. I'm not sure. Let's just end this with me saying, "Good luck guys!" and "Flush faster Mr. O!".

1 comment:

  1. are they gay? they keep calling eachother "baby" hay baby" love you baby"