Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dan & Jordan: Team Scoundrel

Next up we meet the Pious brothers. Imagine having to grow up with a name like that and imagine how much more fun their lives would have been had they grown up with a name like Scoundrel or Sinner. Hey everyone, lock up your daughters! Here come the Scoundrel brothers!

I just glanced at their bios and one thing instantly leapt off the page. Dan, a 24 year old financial advisor, doesn't like to travel. Umm douchebag, are you aware that The Amazing Race is a traveling race? Ok that's it. I'm done with you. Let's move on to your brother.

Jordan, what an awful name, is a 22 year old strategic consultant - whatever the hell that is. Jordan's pet peeve is that his brother hates to travel. You and me both buddy. Why didn't you pick another teammate? Perhaps the girl you refer to in your bio as your "life partner".

They both love their parents and they're really into sports blah blah blah. I don't like these two and I can't be bothered to waste anymore time on them. I think they're really tiny too and I don't trust tiny men. Napoleanic syndrome and all that. Anyhow Jordan and Dan, I hope you guys lose, but I hope you beat Jeff and Jordan. The end.


  1. hahaha. you're my hero for saying whats on all our minds.

  2. Hey Lala...I actually liked these two!! ,,and I was SO surprised Jeff and Jordan came in first on the first week!!! BUT I don't think it will stay that way for long................