Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zev/Justin: Ass Burgers

Tonight's the big night so let's finish up these last profiles. Zev and Justin are best buds and they met while serving as camp counselors. Zev has Asperger's but Justin couldn't give a fig. They share friends and interests and it's all a big happy love fest. Zev is a huge sports fan and is, as a result, fiercely competitive. He's modest, funny, and out to prove that he can do anything he wants to.

I'm not going to cut Zev any slack this season. He'll get the same treatment as all the other competitors. He wants to prove he's just like everyone else so I will treat him thusly. He's not the first person with Asperger's to do a reality show (remember Heather from ANTM?) and I have no problem with it as long as they compete hard and fight to win.

Justin is patient and kind and blah blah blah. Who cares? All I care about is that he took Zev to Vegas to lose his virginity. Ha! I love it. Neither of them have traveled all that much and Zev's big obstacle will be social situations. He doesn't do well in groups. Good luck in India buddy.

Let's check out the video...

They're quite likable and Zev has a great sense of humor. I'm loving how Zev has very little conversational filter... that totally tickles my no-no. I'm wondering how the tension will affect him though. From the safety of my warm bed, my heart pounds and I get all freaked out when they're approaching the finish line. I wonder how Zev will react with no benzos or gin...

Please to enjoy:

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