Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sam/Dan: The Gay Christian Brothers

Sam and Dan are gay and they're brothers. Do you love it? They came out to each other last summer and have been besties ever since. Currently, they're both students - one studying medicine, the other business. They grew up in a conservative Christian community and I'm dying to know how their parents reacted when they came out.

Anyhow, Dan is organized, open-minded, and spontaneous. He likes to work out, volunteer, and travel. Sam, on the other hand, is happy-go-lucky and optimistic. He loves being in the outdoors and will tackle any logic problem you place before him. Dan is blunt. Sam is not. This, they feel, will be their biggest challenge. As polar opposites they feel communication will be key.

Let's check out their video...

They seem pretty mature for their age... but they also seem kind of boring. Wait a tic... they want to flirt with the girls and pretend they're straight. Ha! I love it. I'm all for playing dirty and messing with people's minds. These two could be more evil than I thought.


  1. Thank you Baby Jesus! I love these guys! I am thinking this could be the best season ever!
    Gay guys, old folk, wacky vegans, this season has it all!! Can't wait to read your blogs about this bunch!