Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mika/Canaan: Future Cult Leaders?

Last one! I'm totally phoning it in. Mika and Canaan already annoy me. They're trying to be country stars (Mika wants to be a singer and Canaan wants to be a songwriter) and the only thing I hate more than country music is a hot poker in my eye. They're southern and newly dating and I so don't care about them at all. Mika admits to being a cry baby in tense situations. Nice! She'll be easy to make fun of then. The Amazing Race is 100% tension so she just might be my comic relief.

Canaan, on the other hand, is demanding and will probably push Mika around a lot. We have one of these annoying couples every season, don't we? The arrogant a-hole who likes to yell at his girlfriend is pretty much compulsory on The Amazing Race. The only good thing about this dynamic in a team is that they never last long and end up going out humiliated. So it's basically always a win for me! :)

Let's check out the video...

Don't they remind you of the couple that ran the Fellowship Of The Sun on True Blood? They should be cult leaders or something. They're sugary sweet and I'd probably tolerant them, but Jordan totally made me suspect of all things too southern sounding. Mika's not a swimmer... oh PLEASE have a swimming challenge right off the bat Amazing Race! If they impress me, I'll eat my words, but until then I don't care for them.
Please to enjoy:


  1. I am sick of country singer wannabes coming onto reality shows just to get their names out there (like Wes Hayden on The Bachelorette)......!!! I hope they leave real soon!!

  2. Both Mika & Canaan were super nice when I met them at a bar in Nashville. Mika was a waitress there and let me tell you she was very gorgeous - I could dream a many dreams just by staring at those beautiful blue eyes. Simply gorgeous!