Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meghan/Cheyne: Look Like Brother & Sister

(If you're looking for the finale recap, please click here: FINALE RECAP)

Time to meet the teams racing this year. Meghan and Cheyne are up first and all I have to say is why does he have There's Something About Mary hair? They look like they should be clutching bibles and singing in a Mormon choir or something. OK so Meghan and Cheyne are both 23 years of age and they met in elementary school trying to kick each other's ass in a heated game of tether ball. I remember tether ball. If you hit the ball the wrong way with your hand a pain would shoot up your arm and make you bite your lip. Good times. So these 2 blondies have been dating for 5 years. 5 years at 23 years old?! That means neither got to sow their wild college oats. Bummer.

They both work in what sound like really boring fields. If I cared, I'd go into detail, but I don't so I won't. Meghan coaches a girls soccer team when she's not in the office and Cheyne shares her soccer passion as well. They think their athletic strengths and skills will give them an advantage in the race. Basically, they're going to use their sparkly white teeth, manes of golden hair, and positive attitudes to get them to the final leg of the race. Ugh. I'm already annoyed by them. Meghan can be stubborn and Cheyne is a bit of a peacemaker (this drives Meghan crazy), but they hope to combat theses difficulties and take home the million dollars. Yeah well I hope they accidentally fall into a volcano. I'm just saying...

Watching the video... oh wow. In profile, dooesn't Cheyne totally have Owen Wilson lips? He's so Hansel. These 2 are boring and I predict Meghan will totally bitch it up and be annoying. They'll probably do well physically, but I can really see them driving each other batshit crazy in the back of a cab somewhere.

Please to enjoy:

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