Monday, September 21, 2009

Maria/Tiffany: Kick Ass Poker Chicks

I'll admit I was an Annie Duke fan on Celebrity Apprentice so I'm a little excited to meet these two lovely poker players. Maria and Tiffany have been playing poker together all over the world from Monte Carlo to Vegas. Both were the last women standing in the World Series of Poker Championships in 2007 and 2008 and both have set records in all sorts of poker rankings.

Tiffany is known in the poker community as "Hot Chips" and initially got into poker playing with fellow actors in Hollywood. She's acted her entire life and is a former beauty queen. Maria, on the other hand, has a fondness for singing and still sings in her sister's band when she's not busy playing poker. Both of these chicks are well-traveled, outspoken, savvy, independent and I'm kind of hoping they kick some major ass. It's about time an all female team won the Amazing Race.

Let's check out their video...

You know what? I like them. They're smart and well spoken and they're not flighty ditzy idiots (like that dumb ass blonde who just won Big Brother). And are they the ONLY all female team? Damn! That's not fair, is it? Good thing these two look strong and formidable. From what I've seen of them so far, I'd like them to stay in the game for a very long time.

Please to enjoy:

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