Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eric/Lisa: The New Age Lovemakers

Tomorrow is the big night! We're almost done with all the cast recaps. Today we'll be meeting the Paskels, Eric and Lisa. These two forty something vegans have been married for 18 years and run a yoga studio. From the above photo these 2 look like they could be a ton of fun. How could you not love their matching feathered bangs?

In addition to teaching Downward Dog, Eric and Lisa hold workshops dealing with family issues and addiction. I wonder which one of them is a former addict... maybe they both are? I mean, to teach people on dealing with addiction you have to have some sort of experience right? I'm gonna say they were drinkers. Although it would be a lot more exciting if they were former crackheads. Maybe they'll disclose all in their video. The CBS bio on them is noticably sparce. I'm getting nothing other than Lisa saying that Eric is carefree and trusting.

Let's check out the video...

Ha! I was right. They were total alkies. Can I call it or can I call it? Lisa is a little too "let's help the world be a better place" for me, but I'm kind of liking Eric. He promises nudity and sex. I heart you Eric. It's about time The Amazing Race went rated R. They're a little new agey, but I kind of dig it. My mother is no stranger to the psychic circuit and you wouldn't believe how many crystals I've received as gifts. Namaste bitches.

Please to enjoy:

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