Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brian/Ericka: Ebony & Ivory

No, this isn't an episode of The Jeffersons... Meet the Kleinschmidts! Wouldn't that be the best name for a reality show? I so need to go into producing it's not even funny. OK so Brian and Ericka are the interracial couple - as if you couldn't tell. They compare their relationship to a yin yang symbol and want to spread the message that love is colorblind. Oh pshaw! Forget all that hooey peace, love, and understanding crap. All I want to know is how much their parents hate them. (totally kidding)

It turns out Ericka used to be Miss America (2004). Dig it. I rhymed. Ericka met Brian at a leadership conference (whatever the hell that is) and, for him, it was love at first sight. Ericka wasn't as enamored of Vanilla Ice as he was of her, but they worked it out and eventually got funky with each other. Ericka, believe it or not, wants to be a country music star. While I loathe country music, I'm all for people breaking stereotypes and a black woman being a famous country singer almost makes me tinkle. I just love the idea of some ignorant hicks hearing one of her songs on the radio, falling in love with her, and then shitting their pants as soon as they discover she's African American. Leprechauns and "little people" would live in harmony if that happened and their evil civil war would finally come to an end.

Let's check out their video...

Ha! Sounds like their parents actually do hate them. He's annoying and never shuts up, but she seems quite delightful... up until she starts the beauty queen crap. I can picture her totally flipping the bitch switch. I'm all for that as long as it's dramatic and obnoxious. I'm thinking they'll go sooner than they'd like. What do you guys think?

Please to enjoy:


  1. Oh how she loves to flip the bitch switch :)

  2. Where's the yin yang in this relationship? How does one balance out such a raging personality. She is a complete failure as a wife, friend, and partner with all her temper tantrums and mental breakdowns.

  3. Lala, was this the first season you bitchblogged TAR? Are there no archives..I'm to "add" to read a whole book lately, so i thought I'd read though some old TAR blogs... IS Season 15 the Maiden voyage? Well, I am enjoying reading your first impressions on the are spot turmoil and the bitch switch. I miss your recaps.Still gonna bind this day..

  4. Ericka acted like a bitch and Brian is a wuss.